Coques en Bois Wood Stuck x Mister Maurao

Interview avec Mister Mauraō sur ses coques en Bois Wood Stuck

Interview avec Mister Mauraō sur ses coques en Bois Wood Stuck
18 octobre 2017 Jane
In Actualité du Pivert

Vasco Maurão est un architecte reconverti en illustrateur. Obsessionnel à propos des villes, immeubles et autres architectures, il a imaginé nos dernières créations Wood Stuck : les coques en bois pour iPhone et Macbook aux allures urbaines qui ont déjà conquis des dizaines d’entre vous…

Nous avons pu lui poser quelques questions sur ses coques en bois … Attention, interview en anglais 😉

Can you please tell us about your career and explain how you finally got to
dedicate your whole time to artistic creation ?

Hi! My name is Vasco Mourão. I’m an ex-architect turned into an artist & illustrator with a tendency for obsessive drawings. Inhabiting a place between fine art and illustration, I work in editorial commissions as well creating exclusive artworks and large scale murals for private clients and institutions. Only with a black pen and time, I draw cities, buildings, structures and other architectural meanderings.

Actually I never thought about becoming an artist (cough!). Things just happen because drawing was always one of my favourite things to do. One of my first memories is being on my parent’s living room floor drawing, so I guess I started pretty early… And for some unknown reason I was obsessed with horses. That’s basically what I drew from 4 until 18 years old. Pages and pages filled with horses!
When I started my studies in Architecture, the theme of my drawings changed (dramatically) to urban landscapes and constructions and also my understanding of the discipline. Architecture school led me to see drawing as a way of thinking.
Now when I have to explain or understand something, my instinct is to draw it.
But I think that the seminal moment for the artworks was when I got to Barcelona and had one hour subway commute to go to work. Because I always carry a pen and notebook, I would draw random stuff that was related to work but then developed a kind of drawing that I could add to a bit each day.
Drawing by accumulation, which turn out to be the basis to what I do now.

Those drawings found their way to a blog that (to my surprise) started bringing in editorial illustration commissions.
An (very good) advice from Alice lead me to open a online shop to sell prints and originals, which is a big part of what I do currently.
I obviously love architecture but I felt that the day-to-day office work wasn’t my thing, so after overlapping both things for a while, I decided quit my job as an architect and focus on just drawing. Best decision of my life!

What motivated you to do so ?

The Why is easier to explain. Drawings just gives me great pleasure. There’s something in the effort, dedication and loneliness of the work that resonates with me. I also love the thrill of constantly taking on new challenges. Every time I finish a piece I’m always thinking about what to do next and take the work to a new level.

So despite the theme of my work is very constant (architectural hand drawings), the implications of a bigger canvas, a different base material or built references makes me feel that there’s an endless array possibilities to investigate. And that is exciting. Like they say in Vietnam, same same but different.

Are the buildings on the Macbook case and iPhone case you designed for
Wood Stuck inspired from real/existing buildings ? If yes, from which city ?

The starting point for this series was a commission for The New Yorker that led to a personal investigation in depicting this specific urban environment.
Drawing mostly by memory and random visual references, a distorted, personal and strange new city appears. It’s the New York I have inside my mind.

The amount of details on each building is really impressive… Do you have
any idea of the number of hours it took you to draw all these?

Each drawing (A4 size) take about 8 hours a day for a week more or less.
And I had a lot of fun doing them 🙂

Bravo Mister Maurão pour ces réponses !

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